The venue for Eurovision 2012

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The venue for Eurovision 2012

Minister Azad Rahimov has confirmed, that Baku's football stadium 'Tofig Bahramov' will be the venue of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012

Since Azerbaijan's Eldar Gasimov and Nigar Jamal won the contest, the only question in Baku has been the venue for Eurovision 2012.

Construction of Eurovision arena At Tofig Bahramov Stadium to be decided after finishing reconstruction.

The Tofiq Bahramov Stadium was built in 1951. Its construction started before the World War II in 1939, but was suspended. When its construction resumed, it was finished by the German prisoners of war. Initially the stadium was named after Joseph Stalin.

Bakus Tofig Bahramov Stadium, which is considered as one of the Eurovision 2012 venue alternatives, will be closed for reconstruction until May, 2012, stadium director Akif Ismayilov said.

He said football matches would be held until October 2, 2012 and after that it will be closed for reconstruction. The stadium will be provided with new seats, locker rooms and lighting system. It will also have childrens football field to develop football in Azerbaijan. The stadium will have a roof and supplied with heating system. The most difficult work is the construction of roof and if it will be completed in time, the stadium is expected to be opened in April or May, but no matches will be held there in May.

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