The rehearsals of the first day at Eurovision 2011 part I

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The rehearsals of the first day at Eurovision 2011 part I

The first day of the rehearsals in Düsseldorf started with the counties participating in the first semifinal.

Their first contact with the scene had the participation of Poland, Norway, Albania, Armenia, Turkey, Serbia, Russia, Switzerland, Georgia and finally Finland.

First found at the scene, Poland, Magdalena accompany four girls and one boy vocals. The scene is "dressed" in blue, purple and orange, and tobacco use. At the close of the song, two girls surround the Magdalena and the other two boys.

• Norway:
Stella Mwangi dressed in gold outfit with five dancers - dressed vocal f red rose on stage for her first rehearsal, and the choreography is not quite different from that which gave her a ticket for the contest. At the close of the song confetti bathes rates.

• Albania:
Albania series had to be Aurela Gace is on stage and interpret Feel the passion of three people on vocals, a drummer and a guitarist to the frame. Behind her a white eagle flies in the digital arena, while the red color is what dominates. Smoke and flames fill the Albanian participation in the 56th competition.

• Armenia:
In a boxing glove and the name of the Emmy over the middle of the stage started rehearsal of Armenia, four dancers dressed as wrestlers and a girl on vocals found on the Emmy stage, once again the competition areas of the dancers used to form a ring with the Emmy in the middle.

• Turkey:
After the boxing glove series had a round cage with a girl to do various dance and surrounding so the participation of Turkey, the country classic fireworks and bonfires have not failed this year, while spotlights with white and yellow dress to participate.

• Serbia:
The scene takes color purple dress circles the participation of Serbia, with Nina to interpret the song perfectly Carobat accompanied by three girls on vocals.

• Russia:
With two small screens led to the stage and a podium where he will do a somersault with two girls Alexey hidden behind the screens (probably to help him voice and not to move) and three dancers performed the rehearsal of the participation of Russia .

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