The rehearsals for the countries of the final

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The rehearsals for the countries of the final

The rehearsals are a perfect indication of how the countries of the Eurovision 2012 final will do

The Eurovision 2012 countries that go direct to the final make their own rehearsals.

• Germany:

Simple appearance of Roman, who is on stage with the drums, electric guitars and a piano. Do not pull from the hair ... there is nothing remarkable about the time, a contribution is in the Top 10. Overall straight bets, but the big question is whether it will be able to confirm or "give" in Germany , another one of the typical places that got the p.L. (Pre Lenas) season. I guess what you're thinking ...

• France:

With t-shirt, jeans, and a long tail Anggun appeared on the scene. Together the 3 men perform an acrobatic choreography with several factors, with 2 people accompanying the famous French representative on vocals. In the scene that the French are erecting 3 blocks and screens formed several lines.

• Italy:

Seemed little troubled by Nina in the afternoon rehearsal. Performed the song wearing a white dress and scarf, and you may not escape after all color disappeared from the presentation is quite minimalist with white and black. The man voice and two women for participation plays too high.

• Azerbaijan:
Sabina probably wore the finished garment, a white dress with silver details and airy dresses worn away and the 3 girls that support voice while doing a mini-choreography. Most honorary located on stage and Alim Qasinov, representative of the traditional "mugham" music.

• Spain:

Darker in verse, chorus brightest in the scene for Pastora the Spanish participation. Overall a very good rehearsal for the Basques, and those who bet an unusually high!

• United Kingdom:

Two ballet dancers embody the love song that describes the Engelbert Humperdinck music life. A guitarist and Engelbert make a very atmospheric British participation.A nice sound from the past, need to say more?

Ioanou G.

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