Teoman Nazif -Turkey-Sustum

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Teoman Nazif -Turkey-Sustum

Teoman Nazif for Turkey sing Sustum at Eurovoice 2010

Teoman Nazif born in Tarsus in 1975. Teoman Nazif started his education of art by winning the exam of Singing Branch of Çukurova University State Concervatory high school in 1992.

In 1995, he won the academic part of the branch and continued his education. Besides the activities and seminars of singing and teaching that he participated, he also started to work writing lyrics and composing with a deep interest of music movements in the world. He started to studio recording of his very first works by founding the Youth Orchestra of Çukurova in 1999. In 2000 /2001 he continued his musical studies in İstanbul. Worked as a member of selective commission for Edinburg Film Festival and has been a part of organisation in 2002. He has been the vocal director of “Boyband Project” with İmaj Fx, in 2004. Presented his 4 songs with a concert at the exhibition of Modern Arts, in 2005. Attended the program of workforce and improving potential, named “Learning how to learn” organised by Scientific and Technical Research Foundation, in 2006. Had a concert of his songs named “Out of record” in the 8th Festival of Arnavutköy in 2007. Started the studio recordings of his project as the producer and music director with Cenk Erdoğan, in 2009. He currently continues his job as an expert instructor and vocal trainer at Beşiktaş Art Culture and Arsu Fine Arts Academy.

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