Tafkanik Austria-Time To Believe

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Tafkanik Austria-Time To Believe

Tafkanik represent Austria singing Time To Believe on Eurovoice 2010

Tafkanik is a composer, song-writer and singer, who explores the vast landscapes of electronic music, while not forgetting his love for the wonderful sounds of live instruments. He gained music and stage experience in Poland, Austria and the UK where he spent a third of his life each. He completed a music high school in Vienna followed by a diploma in „Singing and Stage Performance“ in London. Since he was a teenager he participated in numerous music festivals including „Donauinselfest“ in Vienna (Austria) which is one of the biggest open air festivals in Europe as well as one of the biggest music TV competitions „Szansa na Sukces“ in Poland. Over the years Tafkanik was experimenting with different genres such as indie rock, jazz and pop. But his biggest interest and passion was always with electronic genres such as trip-hop, electronica and downtempo as well as alternative music. The current project which combines electronic music with a variety of live instruments was launched in 2009. Already that year his song „Two Lovers“ was chosen as one of the outstanding songs in the Austrian music scene and awarded the „Spotlight“ status by Austrian national broadcaster radio FM4. The same song also reached the semi-final in the biggest song-writing competion in the UK--the UK Songwriting Contest, where it came ahead of several hundred other songs in the Pop cathegory.

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