Spain representatives at Eurovision 2013

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Spain representatives at Eurovision 2013

El Sueno de Morfeo is the group name for ESC 2013 Spanish representative.

Spanish TV and announced that he wanted "to bet again by a senior artist with an established career", as it did last year with Pastora Soler.

Dream Theater is a group composed of Raquel del Rosario (voice), Juan Luis Suarez and David Feito (guitar), who for some years Asturias are working together and producing songs for pop-rock sound structures with strong flavored folk flavors, supported striking in the voice of Rachel.

Originally, Juan Luis and David took some time composing and playing together in various groups in his native Asturias. They were joined by the very young Raquel, with just 18 left the Canary Islands to try his luck in Asturias. Together they formed The Dream of Morpheus. With the support of other instruments including the bagpipes is, giving it a very personal, themes linking a base rock gently in the musical arrangements and beautiful vocal melodies.

With his first song, "Never again", began to ring at all stations in the country and Morpheus's dream soon acquired some popularity, particularly after appearing on the television series "Los Serrano".

Dream Theater has a special way of composing and arranging his own songs, painstakingly assembling Rachel's voice with the force of a rock group, until an attractive sound that does not leave us indifferent after listening.

The first album is titled Suno Morpheus precisely the group. "The Dream of Morpheus" is a work produced in a very personal by group members. The songs have been composed by themselves, and are interpreted to arrive directly to your audience.

In 2007 Morpheus Dream released his second album, titled "See you on the road", 13 songs plus 1 bonus track full of urgent rock and catchy melodies without losing the personality of the group still uses Celtic instruments like the bagpipes.

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