Spain at Eurovision 2012 - Pastora Soler

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Spain at Eurovision 2012 - Pastora Soler

Twice won the Eurovision Grand Prix, the Mediterranean country Spain.

Spain won ESC at 1968 Massiel ("La La La"), which won just one point ahead of the big favorites Cliff Richards and the following year as host of Salome ("Vivo Cantando") - though in alliance with three other winners.
Spain got an average of 47 points at all Eurovision voting boards.

Spain at 2012 is ready to win again the Grand Prix after 33 years once again to get into the south-western Europe. The famous singer Pastora Soler has been nominated directly, their song "Qu├ędate Conmigo" selected viewers and jury in a TV show. Composer of the title is the Swede Thomas G: son, who participated in this year also on the contributions of Sweden and Norway. As the "Big Five" country is Spain in the semifinals without a qualification for the finals on 26 May set.

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