Spain Eurovision 2010 - Rebeca

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Spain Eurovision 2010 - Rebeca

Rebeca is One of the singers on the Spanish final for Eurovision song contest 2010

Rebeca - Valentino Boy

Rebeca is probably the singer with the longest curriculum referring to Eurovision preselections in Spain. Back in 2006, she submitted the entry Qué no daría yo for the internal selection that that year took place in Spain. The year after, she herself applied for the 2007 preselection Misión Eurovisión both as a singer and as a songwriter. In fact, I love you mi vida was jointly penned by Rebeca and Tony Sánchez-Ohlsson, and composed by the latter, Andreas Rickstrand and Thomas G:Son. Last year, she was back with the song Amor radical and this year tries again with Valentino Boy.

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