Sergey Lazarev for Russia

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Sergey Lazarev for Russia

Popular singer Sergey Lazarev will represent Russia at Eurovision 2016

Sergey Lazarev: "I will do everything possible to adequately represent Russia".

On December 10th, at the Russian National Music Awards, where Sergey won in the nomination “Singer of the year”, he confirmed that Russia will be represented in Stockholm by himself at “Eurovision” contest, which will take place in May. Supported by singer Filip Kirkorov, both will gather together with the team of the Greek producers, and directors. In an exclusive interview with SUPER Sergey Lazarev, who had previously categorically refused to take part in “Eurovision”, he explained why this year he agreed to defend the honor of the country at the contest.

Dimitris Kontopoulos and Phillip Kirkorov will be writing the song that Sergey Lazarev will be performing for Russia at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest.

Dimitris and Phillip have both been heavily involved in the Eurovision Song Contest over the past 20 years whether it be in Phillip’s case as a participant or Dimitris’ as a song writer. In an interview with it was revealed that Phillip Kirkorov has been trying to convince Sergey to participate in Eurovision for the past seven years.

What do you bet in his speech? Should we expect a colorful show?

Sergey Lazarev:We are still talking, everything about the performance and show, and we will talk about this later. The song gives a very powerful message and a charge; we will do everything that it’s possible to maximize on the stage. The work will be enormous.

In Russia, you have won every possible award. But Eurovision is a completely different scale, are you worried?

Sergey Lazarev:I have experience for different audiences, including the international. Of course, the excitement is there, but I will gather all the strength and experience and try to make me proud of Russia.

Do you think you will be able to beat last year’s song by Polina Gagarina?

Sergey Lazarev:Each year has different performances, the number of participants and songs are always different, there’s no sense to compare ourselves with the participants of previous years.

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