Possible winners and outsiders at Eurovision 2014

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Possible winners and outsiders at Eurovision 2014

One month only separates us from conducting most of the 59th EU-wide music contest Eurovision and perhaps many are wondering what is the favorite so far , provided he will stand , and that Europeans are betting their money.

This year's Eurovision event , the eternal struggle between the eastern and western blocks again takes shape after five countries are given as the aspiring winners of 2014 : Armenia , Sweden , Denmark , Norway , Hungary. Indeed , the victory of Armenia is almost considered a given, since the return of the bookmakers given in one ! Similar was the performance of the 2009 Alexander Rybak , who ultimately won the competition that year with a record score of 387 points !

However , because at the Eurovision contest virtually nothing can be predicted, there are options for someone who wants to try his luck and bet. Countries such as Sweden and Norway have the potential to win over the competition, while somewhat bolder would be the choice of the United Kingdom , given that the last 10 years does not enjoy highly valued by the European public of Eurovision.

High on the bookmakers odds are also the host country Denmark , Hungary , Ukraine and Azerbaijan . However , in these cases we are dealing rather with favorite - bluffs , as each of the four aforementioned countries facing some " stuttering " : Denmark and Azerbaijan do not have appropriate songs that will impress and will give again victory , the Ukraine because of the war situation is rather funny to predict how you will win the contest , while Hungary does not have the prerequisite " alliances " , from which will benefit scores. Information , the best place ever Hungary in Eurovision is the 4th in 1994 !
But , like all longtime Euro-fans know , the favorites are not usually profitable " horses " in ... hippodrome of Eurovision, as always give low yields and therefore do not generate substantial benefits in this wager . So there are some countries , the pieces of which foisted low on tips of bookmakers but is expected to make a difference in the nights of Semi and Grand Final .

For example , an outsider such as Montenegro , with the song "Moj Svijet". This is a beautiful ballad with Balkan sounds , like those we usually presents Serbia and anyone who loves to listen and vote Europeans . At the same time , rather epofelimeni the crisis in relations between Russia and Ukraine will come to Moldova , which in a dynamic ballad ("Wild Soul"), you can get the approval of the Committees, in my opinion will finish well above the gap she is given to tips . Strong is the participation of Germany , with a pretty catchy song ("Is it right?") And the song of the Netherlands ("Calm after the storm"), although this is an inappropriate song for Eurovision .

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