One Thing I Should Have Done The Cyprus Eurovision Song for 2015

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One Thing I Should Have Done The Cyprus Eurovision Song for 2015

Giannis Karagiannis will sing One Thing I Should Have Done on the Eurovision stage

Giannis do you think that Eurovision can catapult your career?
-That is a contest that will do you good? I think that is the best authority could someone, if you calculate the reputation that will get and people will know.
The first time I heard the song said "it is"? Exactly. Although it was sung by composer Mike Connaris track the first time (laughs), I felt again that this is a piece that is tailor-made for me perfectly.

when I first heard your song, it came to my mind the «Stronger Every Minutes" of Lisa Andreas who represented us in 2005 in Istanbul. Not afraid this comparison since it is the creator of the piece?

- Any other simply because the two tracks are unrelated to each other. These two beautiful creations, written on the same wavelength. Also, as long as the Lisa Andreas was nominated along with nine other songs to represent Cyprus was one of the underdogs of the competition.

Nevertheless managed and won 5th place. Do the dynamics of your own ballad?
-We started both without knowing anyone and slowly try to touch everyone and I think that in some magical way we did it partly. In my final, there were several notable songs as performers. Imagine that I have not yet realized that we entered the race as an outsider of the competition and we came out winners. How did the collaboration with the creator of the piece, Mike Connaris; My collaboration with Mike began after a video requested he be seen by young students from the teacher voice my Christos Kyriakides.

Since I was one of the proposed face, I made sure to send to England a sample of my work, but it was not enough. It may sound somewhat what you say but when Mike heard the song I sent him not so excited, so I walked in the process to find and my other video and that was ... was inspired by a song I wrote after some my personal experience and probably was enough for him.

General, have an opinion about what you would like to wear? Who edited your appearance?
I want to wear something that will make me feel myself, first of all and then to fit the track. My appearance will take the very good friend of mine and designer clothes Andreas Kontidis. After play - for sure - wood before Austria because his views are years out of my own style and taste, and then we will decide what to wear in Vienna (laughs).
Some, jokingly, comment your prescription glasses. Will wear and evening of May 21? We will keep this style?
(laughs) Guys, I can not see without my glasses! I have tried many times before to put lenses and not me went to good. So we continue on with my glasses since my team created an entire brand and logo around them making our benchmark.
You saw with what countries competing to Cyprus? Youve made some predictions of what probably will vote for our song?
Certainly and I look with which countries will compete, but not at all intimidated by this fact because I believe in our song and Im sure everything will be fine.
There are some thoughts promotion of the piece? Like for example a tour abroad?
There are some overseas promotion proposals. So with proper planning and money, because we are in bad economic times, I think we will succeed in this part of our representation.
Do you think that Cyprus will qualify to the final this year?
I have a beard and good ballad. From this hope, believe and katapianomai. (laughs) After last year of Conchita I am very positive.

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