Mike Connaris for Cyprus at Eurovision 2010

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Mike Connaris for Cyprus at Eurovision 2010

Song written by Mike Connaris is among the ten finals to represent Cyprus at Eurovision 2010

Back at 2004 Mike Connaris wrote the song Stronger every minute to fit the voice of Lisa Andreas and it was one of the unforgetable songs.

This year the title of the song is "Like a woman" is a beautiful ballad written for the voice of Nicole Paparistodemou and it was indeed written for Eurovision.
Nicole Paparistodemou reminds Helena Paparizou, is 18 years old, she attends Barklee College of Music in Boston. She aims to win the Cypriot National Final and represent the country in the 55th Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo next May.
You can listen Nicole performing Stronger every minute at:


The Cypriot national final will be held on 7th February 2010, good luck to Nicole!

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