Malta' s Gianluca Releases Debut Album

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Malta' s Gianluca Releases Debut Album

Announcement of Gianluca Bezzina's Debut Album Release

Maltas Eurovision sensation, Gianluca Bezzina captured the hearts of a continent this year at ESC Malmo 2013 with his effervescent smile and brilliant performance of Tomorrow. Malta singing doctor finished 8th in the Eurovision Song Contest but Gianlucas version of the song charted in Germany, Holland, Ireland and across Europe, including an official UK top 10 indie singles placing.

Check out the video on YouTube:

To satisfy global demand, the debut album by Gianluca Bezzina, Waiting for Tomorrow is released on 18th August 2013 on Albam Records.

Waiting for Tomorrow will be available on CD with 10 tracks, and digitally with an additional bonus version of Tomorrow.

Already a qualified and practicing Medical Doctor, 23 year old Gianluca now has a busy musical schedule to fit in between his hospital rounds in Malta. Performances at this years Isle of MTV and as guest with Joseph Calleja, will be followed by summer shows in Malta and across Europe to promote Waiting For Tomorrow.

With fantastic support across the globe on social media, and over 1.5 million YouTube views of Tomorrow, Gianluca has international appeal.

The album, Waiting For Tomorrow is written and produced by Boris Cezek and Dean Muscat, the same team behind the hit single Tomorrow. The album was recorded at Doyaya Studios, Malta, and keeps with the retro, feel-good vibe that has already become synonymous with Gianluca. The ten songs featured on the album incorporate elements of 60s pop, swing and blue eyed soul.

Here's the link to iTunes for the album

You can get the latest news on Gianluca from his Facebook and Twitter sites.

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