MGP Norway preselection for eurovision 2010

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MGP Norway preselection for eurovision 2010

The 21 songs for MGP Norway final selection for eurovision 2010

NRK reported almost 1,000 songs submitted for the 2010 preselection. The preselection is done and the 21 songs that will fight on the final are known.
Marte Stokstad and Per Sundnes will host all 5 episodes of Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix.
The 21 songs that will fight for the win to represent Norway in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest national final announced. Some popular names can be found on the list.

1. The touch, music & lyrics: Rolf Løvland

Rolf Løvland is very well known in the Eurovision Song Contest. He wrote the 1985 Norwegian entry La det swinge that won the Eurovision and the 1995 winning song Nocturne!

2. Tokyo night, music & lyrics: Aggie Peterson
Aggie Peterson is a singer of the electronic band Frost.

3. Don't want to lose you again, music & lyrics: Ben Adams, Mark Read, Christian Ingebrigtsen, David Eriksen

David Eriksen is wel lknown from Eurovision History. He wrote the 1998 Norwegian entry, which finished eighth in UK

4. Rewind love, music & lyrics: Julian Berntzen

Julian Berntzen won Spellemannsprisen in 2003 as best newcomer. He writes and arranges all of his songs by himself.

5. Life is here today, music & lyrics: Arne Hovda

Arne Hovda is part of the band The Gateway People

6. My heart is yours, music & lyrics: Hanne Sørvaag & Fredrik Kempe
Hanne Sørvaag co-wrote the 2008 German entry Disappear, which finished 23rd and hence equal last in Belgrade.

7. Don't stop, music & lyrics Mariann Thomassen & Lars Erik Westby

8. I'll take you high, music & lyrics: Mira Craig

Norwegian-American singer-songwriter Mira Craig wrote the 2008 Norwegian entry Hold on be strong, which finished fifth. She writes and produces all her songs by herself.

9. Be good to me, music & lyrics: Tommy LaVerdi & Peter Ställmark

10. Make my day, music & lyrics: Merethe LaVerdi

Merethe LaVerdi is a MGP newcomer. She is working as a manager for different artists.

11. Jealous couse I love you, music: Laila Samuelsen, Alexander Kronlund og Lucas Hilbert, lyrics: Laila Samuelsen, Alexander Kronlund

Laila Samuelsen became famous as a member of the girlgroup The Tuesdays. She wrote Sweeter than a kiss with Christian Ingebrigtsen last year.

12. European girl, music: Matias Tellez, lyrics: Håkon Njøten & Axel Vindenes

The songwriters, who are from Bergen

13. Primadonna, music: Lene Alexandra Øien og Jarl Aanestad, Lene Alexandra Øien, Jarl Aanestad og Simon Walker

14. Synk eller svøm (Sink or swim), music & lyrics: Gaute Ormåsen, Laila Samuelsen & Kim Bergseth

This is obviously the only entry to be performed in Norwegian. It was written by Laila Samuelsen (see above), former Idol contestant Gaute Ormåsen and Kim Bergseth.

15. Rocketfuel, music & lyrics: Elisabeth Carew & Thomas Eriksen

16. The best of me is you, music & lyrics: Heine Totland, Hans Petter Aaserud & Arne Hovda

17. Barracs on the hill, music: Fred Endresen, lyrics: Olaf Øwre

18. The Dragontower, music: Arnt Obsidian Grønbech, lyrics: Arnt Obsidian Grønbech, Torbjørn Schei, Vegar Larsen og Robin Isaksen

19. Give it to me, music & lyrics: Alexander Stenerud

20. Yes man, music & lyrics: Simone Larsen, Simen Eriksrud & Bjørn Johan Muri

21. Million Dollar Baby, music & lyrics: Robin Nordahl, Frode Andersen & Gerard James Borg

The performers of the 21 songs are yet to be confirmed. MGP 2010 will be held over five shows:

* 1st semi final: 8th January, Ørland
* 2nd semi final: 16th January, Bodø
* 3rd semi final: 23rd January, Skien
* Siste sjansen: 30th January, Sarpsborg
* Final: 6th February, Oslo

The winning song will go direct to Eurovision final since Norway is the Host country for Eurovision 2010.

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