Loreen Swedish representative in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012

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Loreen Swedish representative in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012

Loreen, this year's Swedish representative in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 is leading almost all voting charts around the net.

Loreen is not the favour of Eurofans but the betting odds from all companies show that Sweden is big favourite to win in Baku.

Loreen will represent Sweden in Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan with her song "Euphoria".

Loreen was raised on the countryside of Sweden, just outside Stockholm, in a family of Moroccan-Berber origin. She has a very focused attitude to her music. She gets frustrated when she's tagged as an R&B artist: ”It's almost bizarre. I never listen to R&B or soul music!” She continues: ”The music I get inspiration from is music that gets you into kind of a trance. Both musically and vocal wise. Artists like Björk, some of Enya's music, and especially Lisa Gerrard”.

It's fitting that Loreen learned to play the piano by imitating the very minimalistic Michael Nyman score to the 90's film The Piano. Loreen continues: ”I want to make music that really connects to my soul. I think that's when my music affects the most.” She describes herself: ”Somewhat a loner, a seeker that steers away from the information overload of today. I have no TV set. I have a laptop but I only use it for e-mails and music programs".

Euphoria, written and produced by Peter Boström and Thomas G:son, is Loreen’s third single release and has already spent three weeks topping the Swedish charts quickly surpassing Platinum status.

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