Latvia representative for Eurovision 2010

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Latvia representative for Eurovision 2010

The preselection final 10 songs are known

Latvian broadcaster LTV announced the titles of the 10 songs that have been selected to participate at the national final to represent Latvia at Eurovision 2010, Eirodziesma.

The songs selected to participate at the Eirodziesma final are:

1. Your Morning Lullaby
Music: Lauris Reiniks
Lyrics: Lauris Reiniks
Performer: Lauris Reiniks
Singer, composer, TV show manager and actor Lauris Reiniks entertainment business has been operating successfully for more than 10 years, although the first performance on television Lauris was already 5 years of age.
He was born in Dobele, grew up in a musical family Tērvete, but the education acquired Jelgava College of Music and the Latvian University, but his talent and skills to the development of players in a school in Los Angeles, USA.
Experienced pop account has 5 solo albums, of which the album "Fly otherwise" has received the prestigious Gold Disc for great sales. As a songwriter and performer Lauris Reiniks has received more than 20 national level awards. Twice received the Latvian Copyright Agency AKKA / LAA's prestigious "Infinite Award" for the most current song to radio and TV.
2009th The public relations and marketing staff, creating the most successful Latvian pop TOP 7, Lauri Reiniks high ranked 2nd Instead, immediately behind the group "Brainstorm".

2. Like A Mouse
Music: Martins Freimanis
Lyrics: Martins Freimanis
Performer: grupa "PeR"
Group "per" 2007. Founded Ralph Eilande. The group plays Peter Upelnieks, Edmunds Rasmanis, Ralph Eilande. Team members deal with "beatbox" - that is, with a voice and mimics different musical instruments sounds, the dissemination of techniques across the Latvian.

3. When I Close My Eyes
Music: Stanislavs Judins
Lyrics: Janis Strapcans
Performer: Grupa "h2o"

4. My Religion is Freedom
Music: Zigmars Liepins, Janis Liepins
Lyrics: Nikita Kellermans (Nikita Ivanovs), Zigmars Liepins
Performer: Dons (Arturs Singirejs)

5. Digi digi dong
Music: Edijs Šnipke, Andris Konters
Lyrics: Edijs Šnipke
Performer: Projekts Konike

6. What For? (Only Mr.God Knows Why)
Music: Janis Lusens
Lyrics: Guntars Racs
Performer: Aisha (Aija Andrejeva)

7. Rišti rašti
Music: Raimonds Tiguls
Lyrics: Valts Ernštreits
Performer: Kristine Karkla-Purina

8. Because I Love You
Music: Ingars Vilums
Lyrics: Ingars Vilums
Performer: Ivo Grisninš-Grislis

9. Snow in July
Music: Janis Strazds
Lyrics: Guntars Racs
Performer: Kristina Zaharova

10. Lullaby For My Dreammate (Diamond Lullaby)
Music: Agnese Rakovska
Lyrics: Agnese Rakovska
Performer: grupa "Trianas parks"

You can listen to the 10 Latvian finalists here

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