Izabo will sing for Israel at Eurovision 2012

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Izabo will sing for Israel at Eurovision 2012

The song for Israel at Eurovision 2012 at Baku is Time

Is the participation of Izabobring them the long-awaited breakthrough? Or that eventually they will be still there in the list of forgotten flops competition?

Izabo chosen by a committee of IBA to represent Israel in Baku in Azerbaijan, as part contest Eurovision 2012 will take place this May. The Ran wrote lyrics and songs good name citrus melody of Ran Shem Tov. "We're happy, then it's great timing for us because in May we are releasing the album in England. So that's how we Europeans this summer," said Shiri Hadar mouse. "Next year Eurovision Song Contest in Israel."

Izabo, led by musician and producer Ran Shem Tov, is considered one of the bands uniqueness out of the borders of Israel and have been for a breakthrough on stages in France, Germany, USA and more, while behind them attending some of the most important festivals in Europe. Style of their music blends pop, psychedelia of the early 60s, disco, funk and even Arabic music, Middle Eastern and world music. band's debut album came out in 2003 and was called "Fun Makers", and in 2008, then went out the second album "Super Light".

The committee, whose members also including singer Mira Awad and radio personality Ronnie friends, sitting in Neve Yaakov. "I want to thank from my heart to all the artists who submitted songs to select committee," said Neve. "On behalf of the committee I would like to congratulate Izabo. And the artists represented on the honorable choice. I have no doubt that they represented the Broadcasting Authority and the State of Israel with great respect."

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