Intervision is the new copy of Eurovision

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Intervision is the new copy of Eurovision

Creating a competitive to the Eurovision contest aims to promote Vladimir Putin named as Intervision

The Russian prime minister, speaking in Beijing claimed a new international song contest and name Intervision. Under the proposal, the new competition should be organized with the participation of countries that make up the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation (SCO), an organization for the defense, but also other Asian countries. In his view, the new competition will strengthen cultural ties between member states and, as he added, Channel 1 Russia is ready to participate.

The proposal and subsequent discussion made at the meeting of Culture Ministers of SCO countries and the Russian prime minister said it is worthwhile to begin the effort and even said that everyone must hurry to deal with the implementation of the solution. The proposed name, Intervision, will cause feelings of nostalgia for older Russians. Why this name had given the Soviets to match the Eurovision song contest of the Eastern bloc who was the 1970 and stopped after four years when the Soviets allowed to broadcast the Eurovision Song Contest and the former Soviet Union.

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