Greece for Eurovision 2010

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Greece for Eurovision 2010

eurovision greece 2010 Who is the greek representative?

The greatest rallying public Eurovision and the absolute consensus on the representation in Oslo seeking executives of ERT invited to run on, knowing that, in view of elections, others will be as-at least at the highest levels-which will be credited the success or whatever will be charged on any defeat. Thus, on October 5 starting at Radiomegaro a marathon for selecting recipients to go back to get his blood Saki and Greece who'd lost miserably in Moscow.
The information says that it has already chosen the solution of the national finals, as was that in 2007, when Kalomoira got the ticket to Belgrade by a significant proportion of the public, while spectacular, as usual, the show will be back in "Athens Arena, with three young vocalists to claim the nomination.

Katerina AVGOUSTAKI is one of them, but the inability to speak even the minimum ERT Greek afraid of, watching the television festival surrounding the Eurovision, know the reactions of "patriots". Thus, the young from Belgium will be joined on stage by Maro Lytras and probably the champagne ferelpis George resonates and other friends of "bouzouki joint" and not be ruled out and some kind of surprise and to see and Tamta between contestants.

But Battle will be the presenter for this year's competition and who will fall behind the microphones of ERT in Oslo, and stand out in the Themis Georgantas, but in Radiomegaro "baked" to return to the smash hit duo Zeta Makripoulia and George Kapoutzidou and Many want to wheel Kalomoira.

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