Greece Eurovision final selection for Eurovision 2010

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Greece Eurovision final selection for Eurovision 2010

The Greece Eurovision National final will be on Friday 12th March

In two broadcasts will be on Net TV on 5 and March 12 Greeks will choose the song that will represent them in Eurovision 2010. In a broadcast on March 5 will present the songs and video clips in a video broadcast.

The second show to be held on March 12 in a studio rather than a nightclub will be competing songs and televoting. Note that the second will be broadcast live and is still undecided who the presenter on that night will be.

The Second Skin preparing electropop song with English verse, which runs between the «Come Ci Come Ca» who represented Cyprus and parts of Evanescence.

The Emigre acquaintance initiated in the pop rock style and come out on stage as a band, while the Bees have asked Constantine Rigos editing their appearance and the song is pop rock with a word - surprise in choruses.

In the pop dance tunes will move the Freedom freedom and Katerina AVGOUSTAKI. Indeed, the second is conflict with the company, and has not accepted or even to hear the songs they wrote in Greek authors, including Nikos Terzis. Katerina is the winner of the Belgian Star Academy in 2005 and came second in Dancing with the stars. He has already conquered the top of the charts Belgium and Poland and the Balkan countries.

Ballads prepare Christos Hadjinasios and George Karamichos. The first will have more rhythmic choruses, while the second thinks singing entirely in Greek.

In Greek songs will compete Alcaeus and George Manos Pyrovolakis: Alcaeus preparing the ethnic section and accompanied by dancers and 4 Pyrovolakis will move to ... Cretan rhythms that will include English words.

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