Greece Eurovision 2010 - Second Skin

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Greece Eurovision 2010 - Second Skin

Second Skin is One of the bands on the Greek final for Eurovision song contest 2010

Sunny Baltzis has a successful career as a DJ at the biggest rock club in Athens and partnerships with major names in the business as the famous dj and producer Alan Mac Gee.

He worked as a producer in private radio and in the Second Schedule of public broadcasting for over 3 years in a series with the title "the hatred story" with great impact fernontas alternative sounds findings audience.

The most known and low profile Sunny Baltzis representative belongs to a new generation mousikosyntheton stichourchon and brought fresh air in the Greek discography. Jobs that were "golden" and songs over time, with a very special and personal touch.

Since its first record attempt initially as stichourchos station and song of the same "The Anemona Chicago for Lakis Papadopoulos to the song" Come "to Eleonora Zouganeli-which last year was a great commercial success and extensive airplays in radios in the country-the Sunny Baltzis has already written its own history.

(As some titles: "The Anemona Chicago (1988)," Chewing gum with no sugar "(1993)," Purple Violin "(1996)," Thissio "(2000)," crumpled Butterfly "(2002) for Lakis Papadopoulos High backhand to ...

Also by Lakis Papadopoulos as a work of composer Manolis Mitsias "Effie hit the tambourine" (1992), Maria Roussou "Where my soul" (1999) (on the album "Love Perfume" which associates itself with Lefteris Papadopoulos and Manos Eleftheriou ) Christos Dantis "In my old coat" (1999), "The vehicle of the municipality" and "The Room" (music Dante C.) (2001), Mihalis Hatzigiannis "Strange celebration," The titles of the end "(music G. Hatzigiannis) (2000).

The Sunny also works lyrically with Vassilis Lekkas to disk "MAC" THE NIGHT "(2001) in compositions of George Trantalidou songs" Lot's wife "and" traps ", the same year as Helen Throw in the album" ALL ARHIZOUN HERE "with the song" suspicious areas "in the musical life Tiganouria by Arleta on the discs" ASE TA KRYFA hidden "(1991) with the song" Salome "and" DREAM MERCHANT "(1995) with the songs" Witches with umbrellas " and "Bus to 2, with Magic De Spell in cd" seesaw ON TARATSES ramshackle HOUSE "(1998) with the song in two parts" Butterfly I & II. In 2007 wrote 3 songs for Andriana Mpampali to disk DES NET ", also the same year signed 3 songs to Melina Aslanidou the CD Single" high heels ". Last year that ends later wrote the lyrics to a song for the brand new album Arletas "again Hello!", Title track of who composed the Arleta and already has made sense "Exarchia (Last season)")

The great love is the orchestration and the studio where it passes endless time.

The "heretical" and "Rempetissa of rock" are some titles that gave the press in the eccentric creator.

In 1996 released by SONY Music and the Coast's first personal work which led, singing, playing guitar and writing music and lyrics, album title and band name "SANTA FILA", experiments with musicians dithyramfikes reviews from "hard "hip and the printed area ...

Then in 2001, after a pause, makes the comeback with the first wholly personal work, entitled "THE TRUE SIZE OF MY SKIAS" by NITRO Îœusic, stand out tracks like "Who Killed the Barbie", "The Snake" "The Black Rose" duet with Vasilis Lekkas and the covers to "own" the "Anemona Chicago" and cult folk rock hit for the 80's "In my empty package (of Alexis Papadimitriou, Maria Moraitou) was a successful "daring".

In 2006 came the "Jet Lag" was released by EMI and the label of John Angelakas All Together Now, a very different job with full sound of the future with electro and industrial influences and English verse in particular, always "down" in their own staff and unique style that characterizes.

Live with highly impressive, in many ECHTREME concept ... to show and artistic interventions student of fine arts, to the eccentric persona SUNNY loves the stage and vice versa ...

With unique partnerships and support the most important names in international music scene as the ARCHIVE and MADRUGADA and the living legend of Dutch Dirk Polak MECANO in which he adapted the song Sunny anthem of the post punk "Links" which explains to him about this the new CD soon to be released by EMI.

With the accumulated experience of dj-ing and hence the international music industry certainly a familiar kind of alternative rock enters the deeper phase, this time by finding a unique voice, that face the 18chronis Ioannis Metaxas. a beautiful woman who greatly resembles Amy Winehouse. Joanna loves SUNNY songs and rock music, profile says he lives to sing. The dew, the emotional tone and passion, its already secured its first ticket to dream ... the cockroaches (like themselves) are ready to strike, called band SECOND SKIN! THE BAND.

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