Greece Eurovision 2010 - Melisses

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Greece Eurovision 2010 - Melisses

Melisses is One of the group on the Greek final for Eurovision song contest 2010

And "Hidden" came the "Bees"(Melisses) ... a new group that came to pique our interest!

Five young children, Christos (vocals), Pantelis (Keyboards), James (drums) Thanos (guitar) and Kostas (Basso) formed a band named "Bees" with the aim to make up songs and voice to their way of their love for music. Their first song from their debut album called "Hidden".

The record company Universal has proposed the youthful band for Eurovision 2010, with the song "Hidden", which is already experiencing very great success! The complex may be able to represent Greece in the competition and will try to make a difference!

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