Greece Eurovision 2010 - Manos Pyrovolakis

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Greece Eurovision 2010 - Manos Pyrovolakis

Manos Pyrovolakis is One of the singers on the Greek final for Eurovision song contest 2010

Manos Pyrovolakis was born in Athens by Cretan parents at a young age - just 13 years - got his first contact with the Cretan lyra with the teacher George Vyzirianaki.

The sounds of a varied and come from people who played a key role in the development of Cretan music. At the age of 18 years while the practice of his lyre, and starts his studies at NTUA (Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering γων Engineering Kon) and make first impressions of participating in traditional music programs in the current NET.

In the summer of 1992 participating in the quartet of Manu Mountaki lyre. In February 1993 after taking part in the selection B Festival Cretan music and song in the Palace Theater, and in November 1994 representing the Cretan tradition at the World Folk Music Festival (CIOFF) in Japan. In September 1994 the music takes care of the show "Battle of Crete" directed by John Tsouchlaraki Thrasyvoulos and covered by the ET2 and training programs is part of ERT. To1995 and in 1996 invited by the Association of Cretans "Knossos" in Toronto for a series of concerts with the subject of the "Battle of Crete. In the winter of 1997 appears to Dimitri Skoula, having the music and editing for a series of musical evenings at home "Channel" and that summer worked with Vangelis on Cretan part of the opening ceremony of the 6th World Athletics Championships.

In his efforts that it will acquire a general knowledge of music and come into contact with modern music has been attending modern harmony with Michalis Rozakis and classical with Spyros Cry at the National Conservatory from where gets his degree, and jazz harmony in Philippos Nakas Conservatory.
In September 1998 launches with cartoons their first self-titled album from the LIRA, which immediately gave them a special position, having used many kinds of music akrovatontas between pop, rock and traditional sounds. From their first album already matched the electric guitar with the Cretan lyre and the keys to viololyra, a rare institution that has the craft of violin but played with the nail as the Cretan lyre. The songs on the album are immediately hits ( "Talk to me," Stis church door, "" The Strange "," Paliocharaktiras). The first album participated Philip Pliatsikas of Pix Lax as a composer and singer with the song "I'm weird, which did not take long to become successful.

The Animation of Manos Pyrovolakis, Giannis purse lines, the Christos, and Christos Avdela Soumka give their position and many concerts throughout Greece, and carrying everywhere the original sound.
In September 2000 released his second album Manos Pyrovolakis & animation, entitled "In Your Smile" and the title track offers a timeless success in Mano, one that still played constantly on radios across the country. That same year, Manos will implement his military service in the Air Force, participating in the Band, so it does not lose all contact with music, fun and friends while in the Air!

In the summer of 2001 released a dance remix of success "The smile you" which again makes sense on the radio.
Along with his military finds time for concerts and for participation in albums, as of Nikos Portokaloglou for the film "BRAZILERO" in which he plays viololyra in "What's missing" that interprets the Eleftheria Arvanitaki.

In the winter of 2001 finally get the "paper" dismissal from the ranks of the Air Force and immediately begins performances at the Cross club in the South. There he sees Anastasia Moutsatsou and Nikos Ziogalas who suggested he take part in shape, so Manos Pyrovolakis a solo career now makes appearances all over Greece in the shape of Nikos and Anastasia Ziogala Moutsatsou.
In the winter of 2003 - 2004 appear in the Medusa with Nikos Portokaloglou and immediately after the performances given by Nikos Thessaloniki but also in concerts all over Greece!
Very important was the participation at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games Athens 2004, where Manos was accompanied by viololyra of Eleftheria Arvanitaki the most famous "What is missing".

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