Greece Eurovision 2010 - George Karadimos

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Greece Eurovision 2010 - George Karadimos

George Karadimos is One of the male singers for the Greek final for Eurovision song contest 2010

New singer-songwriter George Karadimos come from "unknown" is the new generation of Greek song.
With a "mandate" on Live views of D. Galanis et al. PROTOPSALTI the George Karadimos sign lyrically and musically six of the ten songs of the album, suggesting a new musical form for today.
George Karadimos listen feelings of the modern Greek song "flirting" with the East, but 'LIGHT AND COMES' leans' over the West.

Great as his performance in "with smothering TOUTI Silence (G. Spanos - K. Kotoulas) with a current manner, and the duet with D. Galanis in" I want A »(« VIVO PER LEI »with lyrics Law Moraitis) which "climbed" on top of the radio list, after the public "embraced" immediately.
The "Tie me up" the lyrics were written by A. Demopoulos, and "reverse" G. Fur.
The orchestration and the executive producer did: Soumka & H. Avdelas production manager and signed by C. Cybele.
The "LIGHT AND COMES" reflects the clean, modest approach of George Karadimou for this new effort.

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