Greece Eurovision 2010 - George Alkaios

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Greece Eurovision 2010 - George Alkaios

One of the singers on the Greek final for Eurovision 2010 is George Alkaios

George Alcaeus - was born on December 24, 1971 in Athens.
Immediately after birth, half Greek-half Portuguese, moved to Boston, where he lives up to his three years .
Children of divorced parents, he returned to Greece with his father John Doe. His childhood he lived in Halandri and the woman who was raised by her grandmother Anna, which is of great weakness.
The summer passes at Salamis with relatives and friends. At the age of 12 years catching his first job as a salesman in his uncle's fish shop in the central fish market on the island. During his teen years, while the school, George worked at several jobs.

His first appearance on a TV show was back at 1989, when he was presented at the TV show called 'Come To The Light', aired at the 2nd national TV network. This show was practicly the first greek reality show, as out of 1.500 young actors, singers and dancers and after convincing a proffesional comitee, only 20 made to the finals. George-Vasiliou (then) - was one of them. He earned and won the opportunity to study, dance with Daniel Lomel, acting with Niki Triantafilidou, music with George Hatzinasios while other great artists from his field of interests (such as Minoas Volonakis and Lakis Lazopoulos) taught him out of their own experiences.

During summer of the same year, he succesfully enters the Minoas Volonakis audition for the classic greek drama of Sofoklis, 'Antigone', starring Aliki Vougiouklaki (the ever unforgetable greek actor). Composer was another greek giant, Mikis Theodorakis. Rehearsals lasted over 2 months and the opening took place at the ancient theatre of Epidavros. This ancient drama participation, at the age of 17, was and still is one of the greatest experiences of his life. He was the youngest participation for the time, not only in a historic play but in a historic place as well.

During the same summer he decides to change his course from theater to music. Not hesitating to enter another audition that held in a night stage named 'TUNNEL', he got the job again, as a singer this time. In summer of 1991 he participates in concerts all over Greece along with, the upcoming star at the time, Christos Dantis. Right after summer, on September, George and the composer Avet Kizirian enter contest at Thessaloniki's Music Festival with the song 'You Don't Want Me Dare'. This year 2 young music stars begin to shine ... George Alkaios and Sakis Rouvas. That is the time when George Vasiliou becomes ... George Alkaios. George wins the first singing prize and starts his carrier ... on his return in Athens he signs with B.M.G. records.

George will not rest in his singing succes, so he took live action in both music and lyrics composition. Before the release of his first personal music album George writes songs for other artists. Songs for commercials, even for a world wide refreshment. But above all, songs that lasted in time and continue their succes till now.

Miltos Karatzas, the director of B.M.G. records, releases the first personal album of George Alkaios titled 'A little nervous'. The lyrics were assigned to Evi Droutsa. The song 'Ti-Ti' makes a difference in greek music since it was the first time that eastern sounds combined with western pop, a fact that altered the music standrds for the time.

This was only the begining. 6 personal records were to come, all with huge success. 5 golden and 3 platinum records. A black scarf on his right hand becomes his trade mark for the next 5 years. He is the only greek artist that entered a personal fetish to the fashion world. His songs have a special and unique sound as a result of his active participation even in producing with the valuable advice and experience of the producer Gavrilis Panztis. Their 9 year collaboration often became golden and platinum.

His outstanding success in combination with his low profile character, were the reasons he had so many proposals from record companies after his contract with BMG expired. After 3 months of negotiating and talking, Dimitris Giermenitis and George Polichroniou directors of Sony Music, signed George Alkaios with their company. The first record with the new company, titled 'silent sounds', shoked the whole coyntry. His extreme photos along with his new look made the record gold in less than 24 hours. 4 new records were to come. All of them golden and 2 platinum.

In year 2003 after the expiration of his latest contract with Sony Music, which was right after his contract with BMG, George decided to sign with a greek music company rather than an

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