Greece Eurovision 2010 - Emigre

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Greece Eurovision 2010 - Emigre

Emigre is One of the group on the Greek final for Eurovision song contest 2010

1). Yannis (Emigre) Haniotakis - Acoustic & Electric Guitars, 2). Andreas Leoudis - Voice & Acoustic Guitar 3). Raxil Tselepidou - Voice, , 4). Skarlatos Panagiotis - Synth & Piano, 5). Bellos Giannis - Bass, 6). Arxontis Alex - Drums, 7). Peltekis Tasos - Lead Guitar.

Yiannis Haniotakis, is the Composer of the Project "Emigre". Yiannis Created "Emigre" in February 1998 and began sending Demos to Record Companies throughout Greece.

In 2002 his First Cd Single was Released "Epoxes"-("Seasons") [Plus(+)Rec/Universal]. This was a Very Successful Project with many Air Plays on the Radio Stations in Greece and Cyprus and he began concerts throughout Greece.

In 2004 his 1st Album was Released "Simera"-("Today") [Plus(+) Rec/Universal] in Collaboration with 2 Great Voices as Guest Stars in 2 Songs, "Marina Skiadaresi" & "Sofia Bossou" and as Lead Singer he Connected with the New Voices of "Dimitra (Savito) Kliropoulou" and "Antrea Leoudi". The Feedback and Enthusiasm was Grand… "Fresh Air"… for the Greek Music Scene.

In 2005 " Simera " was Voted by Music Magazines, between the 30 Best Albums of the Year.

In 2007 "Emigre" Released Their 2nd Album "Eimaste 1”-("We Are One") [Plus(+)Rec/Universal] in Collaboration with 4 Great Personas of the Greek Record Industry as Guest Stars in 4 Songs. "Stamatis Kraounakis","Lavrentis Maxairitsas", "Kostas Livadas" & "Hro Lexouriti" and for the First time "Yiannis" Connected with the Great Lyrist "Biki Gerothodorou" in 4 songs, as Lead Singer he Connected with the New Voices of "Xara Aggelopoulou","Kyriakos Kougioumtzoglou" and his Basic Half "Antrea Leoudi". "Kokkina Gialia" (Emigre Mix) is in Top 100 for the Past 6 Months now, and it..s Main Theme on Alpha T.v Series "Pira Kokkina Gialia".

In December (2007) They Released Their GOLD New Cd Single "Eimaste 1” with MORITZ Casual as the Main Theme on their 2007-08 Campaign and Together they will be Performing throughout Greece and Cyprus. In February (2008) They Released Their Second Edition of ..Eimaste Ena.. which includes The Greek Edition of ..Fairytale Gone Bad.. of ..Sunrise Avenue.. with the Title ..To Telos Htane Kako.. with Lyrics From The Awarded Vicky Gerothodorou.

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