Greece Eurovision 2010 - Christos Hadjinasios

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Greece Eurovision 2010 - Christos Hadjinasios

Christos Hadjinasios is One of the singers on the Greek final for Eurovision song contest 2010

Christos Hadjinasios born and raised in Athens.
He began his studies in classical piano at age 6 years. At the age of 14 years and on the occasion of his first composition, begins to deal with amateur singing. After finishing school he studied shipping and immediately after his military service began his career as composer and singer.

In December 2002 working with the great composer and father of C. Hatzinasios Theater Vergina and the summer of that year doing concerts all over Greece.

Sign its first big success "The Kiss of Life" series made by the same name of ANT1 in May 2003.

The winter of 2004 to find the TABOO again having a partner and mentor in the early steps of his father, and Chris Nikolopoulos.

In summer 2004, participate in youthful shape the coastal center "Sea" in the company of the E. Paparizou, T. Petrelis, the Nino and A. Zois.
In December 2005 he works in CAN-CAN to Toli Voskopoulos and Litsa Giagkousi.

A month after appearing in the Concert Hall is a unique concert with the symphony orchestra of Chalcis.

In the summer of 2005 made a series of concerts with G. Hatzinasios.
In December 2005 until April 2006 involved the successful program of ENASTRON 'next to N. Sfakianakis and M. Pierides.

Spring of 2006 to find in Thessaloniki with N. Sfakianakis and A. Iliadis.

In the winter of 2007, working with Marinella and Antonis Remos in "Athens Arena.

In 2008 appears to Onirama and Eleanor Zouganeli in Cinema, a program that has experienced tremendous success.

This year's winter makes appearances with the newly formed band "The Tade .."

He has written music for television commercials and radio and the soundtrack of the film "Paradise Lost", U.S. production

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