Four Cities In the Running to Host Eurovision 2011

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Four Cities In the Running to Host Eurovision 2011

Which city will host ESC 2011 in Germany

The canditate cities to host Eurovision song contest 2011 are: Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Hannover. The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and German broadcaster NDR will make their final decision in the coming weeks.

The NDR’s Thomas Schreiber says he was impressed by the detailed plans laid out by each city. “Whoever wins this bid, Germany will be an excellent host to viewers from around the world!” Let’s just hope the city still supplies buckets of confetti and oversized LED screens. In June, German politician Hans-Joachim Otto wrote to the NDR requesting that the broadcaster host the contest on a shoestring budget. “It doesn’t always have to be bigger, brighter, more pompous, and above all more expensive,” he wrote.

What do y’all think? Where do you want to see the 2011 contest? Vote below and be sure to leave your feedback below.

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