Finland Eurovision 2010 Kuunkuiskaajat

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Finland Eurovision 2010 Kuunkuiskaajat

Kuunkuiskaajat will represent Finland at Eurovision 2010

The is a song showing us what a finnish summer is like. It's those kind of music we would love to listen to while sitting by a campfire in a midsummernight eaten by mosquitos. Nice song and good presentation!

The song title translates as "One can work for a living, too", and we suggest adding the necessary "if singing isn't quite what you should be doing" to complete the thought.

Duo Kuunkuiskaajien world where tuikkivat taivaallaan the stars and the moon illuminates the life of small miracles. Life is full of beauty, which you can see and feel if you keep your mind open and your senses. This beauty of these wonders, and we want to offer you through our music. We hope that Laulumme touch and provoke emotions in you.

They have been singing together for several years, the band Värttinä. Many years of cooperation awakened in us the desire to hit one of our strength in the duo format.
Kuunkuiskaajat allows us to create a different kind of music. Susan's dark and intense immersion, for example mustalaislaulujen the world, and Johanna's delicate and lyrical interpretation inspired by one another the power of opposites.

We hope that our music brings the power of whisper-light into the darkness.

Moll is quite kreisi! And only in a positive way, I mean, the fact that with him is never boring! There is then a gig, leave or whatever! His sense of humor and the situation comedy makes me laugh often crease, even in situations where it would be better not to laugh ... ;)

His love for animals is hellyyttävää, but it makes me tear your hair between the head, for example, even though the gig We run a train trip in haste, as if in the middle of the road sees Sussu dew worm, which was lost, he must save it .... and it may be that this rescue operation, after seeing only a vehicle rear lights!

Sussun working with is wonderful and rewarding! It is a great feeling when the singing is like breathing at the same pace. His personal sound and the way to interpret the songs have something speciaal!

He is able to capture the audience his own compositions, I can hear them fine in the same time, something new in their original, as well as nostalgia.

Although any of a disaster happen, is Sussulla ability to see the positive side of situations, and translating it as a victory! Sometimes I wonder Can he cause stress just anything! His carefree attitude to life, infects minuunkin!

Crystallized with our communication between the I would say that is good to know the man with whom feel the same level as subjects that do not always even need words, the mere presence is enough.
Johanna VirtanenSussun reflections Johan Johanna Pin energetic essence to give a boost ankeinakin days! Making music with him is exciting, bubbling, sparkling and often met treenisessiot hysterical laughter scenes and then another will continue. Together with her singing has the same range as the common breath, he has incredible skill and sense the musical colors that they empathize. Johanna of us it is a lack of faith at the time of kick takamukselle puffing, "we can not at this, one hundred have I am sure we can do this!" : D

Also, his open and positive personality is so fun to be the work of making, or during free time!

Miss Johanna is a time and will always kick me between the moving!

Our energies are similar to each other and the fans the flames on the other hand, in some cases the exact opposite characteristics of that balance.

Johanna speaks a lot better or for worse! ; D She is a wonderful partner, there is no reason we should not debate the viriämään! On the other hand, I sleep a lot of my requirements, and late in the morning, sometimes raises a conflict, when Johanna talking through the night and early morning as soon awake!

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