Festival da Cancao 2010 to select the portugal song for Eurovision 2010

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Festival da Cancao 2010 to select the portugal song for Eurovision 2010

Festival da Canção 2010 will take place in march 2010 to select Portugal representative.

Will be held in the month of March 2010 the 46th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest for the clearance of the song that will represent Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo, Norway.

The 46th Eurovision Song Contest will consist of two Semi-Finals and a Grand Final they all held in Lisbon (Campo Pequeno).

In each of the Semi-finals will contest the 12 songs and only six of these will be cleared for Grand Final, thus constituting 12 songs finalists.

The author or authors of the music are Portuguese national or foreign accorting PRT.

The plan of PRT includes a Semi-Final 1 and 2 Semi-Final will each hold 12 songs in the competition for a total of 24 songs. These will be cleared for Grand Final only 12, ie six in each Semi-Final, thus eliminated the other six in each of the Semi-Finals.

In both Semi-Final voting will only televote since the beginning of the first song until 15 minutes after the last.

The Grand Final will have a mixed record, ie: voting by national juries District and televote. Each worth 50%.

The national poll will consist of 20 panels (18 districts + Azores + Madeira) indicated by the RTP. Each panel will consist of three elements related to music in various aspects, one of which will be the spokesperson to announce the score of the respective district

Each panel will assess the 12 songs finalists and award points only 10 of these songs, as follows: 12 points, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

At the end of the scores of the 20 juries that the song has the largest number of points will first vote on this final with 12 points, second with 10 points is provided, the third with 8 points definitive and so on up to 1 point.

In addition to voting by the public televote will also determine the song with the most votes (calls) that will be final with 12 points, with the second highest number of votes with 10 points is provided, the third with 8 points and so definitive successively by 1 point.

Found and added the final polls and the national panel televote stand to know the song that had the highest total number of points, so the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2010.

In case of a tie in support of the winning song and only this, will win the song that has had more 12 times the score given by the jury. If it still remains a draw will win the song that has gotten more times to score 10 in televote. And so on and on an alternating basis to break the tie.

RTP will be the exclusive owner of all rights of the 12 finalists songs to date of the Grand Final and the winning song until one year after the date of the event.

The prize for the winning song will be the participation of elements of the stage (up to 6) in the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo with travel, accommodation and daily subsistence allowance included. The prize for the authorship of the letter and the authorship of the music will be 750 € for each.
It is for the RTP, in charge of the project, clarify, evaluate and rule on any situation that is likely to occur and that is not contained in this Regulation in the artistic and organizational.

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