FYR Macedonia: Tijana Dapcevic selected for Eurovision 2014

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FYR Macedonia: Tijana Dapcevic selected for Eurovision 2014

FYR Macedonian broadcaster made an official annoucement on television announcing the news.

Tijana Dapčević is famous throughout the Balkans. She is an energetic and talented pop singer. Her fans call her simply Tijana. The song that Tijana will perform on stage in Denmark hasn’t been selected yet.

MKRTV is sure that Tijana is a worthy representative in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.
She is more than a pop-singer: Tijana is "a complete musical package", authentic, skilled and musically gifted performer.

Aged five, she enrolled in elementary music education, and aged seven began to play the cello. During school, she participated in several music competitions. She played in the Macedonian Philharmonic, and also in one of the most popular bands in Leipzig. In 1999 she has graduated from The Academy of Music in Skopje, cello department. She was host on the radio, television, and performed in theater.

In 2000 Tijana moved to Belgrade, where released on "City Records" her debut album "Kao da..". She won the "Sunčane skale" festival in Herceg Novi in 2002 with the song "Negativ" composed by Darko Dimitrov, included on her second studio album with the same title. Third album "Zemlja mojih snova" was issued in 2004. In 2005 she won festival in Budva with "Sve je isto samo njega nema" and in 2004 got 3rd place on it with "Ne daj". She has also won first place on the "Serbian Radio Festival-Feras" in 2006 with the song "Julijana". In 2007 finished 2nd at festival "Vrnjačka Banja" with "Plamen stare ljubavi". One of her hit songs is "Sve je isto, samo njega nema" (All Is The Same, Only He Is Not Here), he being former Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito. The track has parts of the song in all of the former Yugoslavia's languages; Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian, Slovene, and Macedonian. Album "Žute minute" was released in the summer of 2007, and her most recent album is "Muzika", published in 2010. Tijana's only unfulfilled wish is ​​to star in a movie.

Dapčević attempted to represent Macedonia in Eurovision previously by participating in their national final three times: in 1996 placing 3rd with the song "Ti prostuvam", in 2002 placing 4th with and in 2005 competing in the artist selection. She also took part in Evropesma, Serbia and Montenegro's national final in 2006, placing 8th with the song Greh.

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