FINLAND: These are the 12 finalists for Eurovision Finland 2010

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FINLAND: These are the 12 finalists for Eurovision Finland 2010

YLE announced the 12 artists who will participate in the semifinal series of the Finnish selection for the emergence of the country's representative in Eurovision 2010.

Let us know a little but the 12 participants in the national selection.

Listen all songs in here:

1. Amadeus Lundberg

This is the big winner of this year's festival tango in Finland Tangomarkkinat. It was the first name that was known to be invited to the national selection for Eurovision and although in principle the 20 year old singer expressed some doubts about her participation, then persuaded and is among the finalists. He has to his credit a single and the last three years touring the country including the band of his father. Both his father and aunt have been involved previously in the Finnish national final.

2. Boys of the Band

This is a band not well known, but has a history of 20 years. It deals with the upbeat, real and energetic rock'n'roll music. It consists of vocalist Kimmo Blom, guitarist Pekka Rautio, bassist Janne Antikainen, whose parents Jarkko and Laura represented Finland at Eurovision in 1969, and drummer Teijo Jämsä.

3. Eläkeläiset

It is perhaps the greatest contribution to the resonance, this year's process. The band, whose name means "retired", is especially well known for its unique covers in that call themselves "humppa" style. Their advance began as a summer joke. After the release of their debut album, in fact, said they would dissolve the band. Since then they have spent 15 years with 13 albums, many singles and the cult of the world beyond the borders of Finland and arrived in Sweden, Germany and Russia. December is going to release a collection of the greatest successes.

4. Pentti Hietanen

The well-known tenor in Finland last year celebrated 25 years of artistic presence. It symmmetaschei in opera and musicals and is distinguished for its unique interpretations of the full feeling. Comprising a network of nine personal album classical repertoire and pop / rock with three of them to become a gold and platinum with over 150,000 sales.

5. Osmo Ikonen

0 29 years old singer comes from a musical family and has already released an album and a single. She appeared in last year's selection process for the representative of Finland in Eurovision in Moscow with the singing Signmark Speakerbox. He was the composer, lyricist, producer and arranger of the piece and did the vocals.
6. Heli Kajo

25 years old is a singer and songwriter from Helsinki. It is not known to the public. He has studied music, play several instruments and is the same music teacher. Like she says, loves the high heel, the champagne, the author Tove Jansson, the wisdom of the people and discussions of teaching content. As the site of the songs he has written it took "far cry, laugh much, excessive drinking and domestic search"!

7. Veeti Kallio

This is an experienced singer and actress, who is well known for the band that was in late 1980 Veevi and the Velvets, who sang a cappella. It emfansitei in many plays and movies. Has released a personal collection in 2002 and is preparing for the next 2010.

8. Antti Kleemola

Considered by the media in Finland among the 50 best artists in the country. He has composed songs for many performers and has written three musicals. He has released two personal collections and five singles.

9. Kuunkuiskaajat

The duo consists of Susan Aho and Johanna Virtanen are singing to the accompaniment of an accordion and a piano. Their music has influences from gypsy music and Argentine tango. For that life is full of beauty that you can see and feel it is sufficient to have the mind and your senses open.

10. Nina Lassander

The singer has 22years old important music education after graduating last year from the music school of the famous Berkley College in the U.S. It is the singer of pop band - rock Iris Mae and is actively involved with music over the past 5 years.

11. Maria Lund
The 26 years old Maria is a musician and actor. Her mother Tamara Lund, famous lyrical singer and actress, she participated in the national final in Finland in the late 1960s. The Maria prefers music with jazz influences and last year spoke to the hearts of his countrymen with the album Ajan Sävel. Sold over 20,000 copies of this collection which included covers of swing songs famous Finnish rock.

12. Monday
The band from Helsinki's new at dealing with the melodic hard pop rock music. The guitarist Tuomas "Gary" Keskinen is already known as a member of the well-known groups Technicolour and Negative. The other members are singer Salla Lehtinen, Jussi Savola in the bass, Pete Eskola keys and Henkka Mannio on drums. Their first album, released last spring, was a great success even in Japan

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