Eurovision 2014 Voting Chart

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Eurovision 2014 Voting Chart

Vote for the best Eurovision 2014 song at our live voting chart.

All Eurovision songs are known so the Eurovision 2014 voting charts are now open. There are three Esc 2014 voting tables. One for each semifinal and one that includes all Eurovision 2014 songs.

Everyone can vote one time. The system ask you to give 1 point to the song you prefer, then ask for your 2 points, 3,4,5,6,7,8 then 10 and finaly 12 points like the real eurovision point system. The results are then added automatically to the table and change everytime someone cast his votes.

There are two types of results presentation.The fist table displays the total points every song receives and the second takes into account the country that the voters comes from and make the table based on each country total points given.

Vote here for:
The first semifinal,The second semifinal or all ESC 2014.

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