Eurovision 2014 Rehearsals Reviews

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Eurovision 2014 Rehearsals Reviews

Eurovision 2014 rehersals shows the results on the final score table,but we have to read the signs first

The rehearsals of Eurovision has always been the indication on how the songs will do at the final score board. Here is the summary of we have seen here in Eurovision 2014.

Austria - First Rehearsal:
Conchita Wurst todays rehearsals wearing a black, glittery dress that covers her whole body. Graphics burst in red to begin before going black with a spot light and smoke coming from the podium that Conchita stands on. The graphics showcase yellow sparks falling & running around while a fire bursts into flames to each of her sides, behind her resembling wings. Vocals were nearly perfect and we should expect them to be better for the second semi-final.

Hungary’s Eurovision 2014 song from András Kállay-Saunders. Did “Running” leave us breathless and in awe of Kállay-Saunders? Or did we just want to run away?
The stirring number gives trauma rhythm and reminds victims of abuse that there is a way out, even when those closest to you don’t seem to care. Backed up by strong vocals and clever production, this may be the first dance number that makes me move, but is also moving. the rhythm, and especially these touching lyrics.
The video of this song is the strong point but we expected some more at the live performance.....

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