Eurovision 2013 daily rehearsals

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Eurovision 2013 daily rehearsals

Eurovision 2013- The rehearsals for first semi-finals and final continues

Eurovision 2013 rehearsals goes on.Some of the participants impress the people and expected to do well on the Eurovision voting System.

Montenegro: Who See - Igranka

Montenegro rehearsal starts out with the hip-hop group Who See from Montenegro. This song was on the top on youtube hits at the first days. There is a big cloud of smoke on the stage as the song begins. The background flashes mainly in green & yellow. As the singer Nina Zizic starts singing (not visible on stage) the two male singers Dedduh and Noyz come out of the smoke dressed up in astronaut-like suits. The duo does their rapping part and when the chorus comes Nina Zizic enters the stage up from an elevator. Nina sings the chorus and is dressed in some kind of futuristic equipment which covers part of her head and with what looks like to be some kind of wings on her back.

Singers voices sound fine and the song really stands out with it's strong beat. What could work against it is that these types of hip-hop & dubstep song.

Belgium: Roberto Bellarosa - Love Kills
Young hopeful and good looking Roberto Bellarosa from Belgium is certainly up for the challenge. He is looking very dapper in a black suit with white shirt. His act opens with a darkened stage, white lanterns hanging behind him are swiftly raised into the air before the backdrop changes colour to blue, with circles of various sizes appearing followed by excerpts from the text projected onto the backdrop.

Roberto is joined by two female dancers also in thigh high black dresses. They stand behind him at first, before taking their positions next to him to do their tightly choreographed routine, while he stands motionless on stage. Three backing singers stand behind them, offering vocal support. He was in fine voice indeed this morning, although his diction still needs some work. As the rehearsals progressed, he clearly became more relaxed in front of the camera.

Roberto's vocals were of a consistently high standard, vastly improved compared to when he performed the song in the Belgian final. Love Kills comes across superbly on screen, with a sweeping drive and energy that is hard to contain. His performances were met with enthusiastic applause from those present in the press centre, and the way things are looking.

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