Eurovision 2012 rehearsals and predictions

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Eurovision 2012 rehearsals and predictions

The results of Eurovision 2012 are almost always predictable.

The Eurovision 2012 rehearsals show what to expect from each country on Eurovision final.Here is how we see this year most important countries rehearsals:

Serbia and Zeliko Jocksimovic on stage to perform Nije Ljubav Stvar.Zeliko appears dressed in a black jacket and black pants with white shirt. Beside him are two girls on violin while behind him a man with a flute. At the back of a black piano scene where the fifth person onstage pianist role initially, but then gets up and moves to the other guitarist in the role anymore. Zeliko appears on the back of the stage and moves forward while the first image is focused on the keys of the piano, giving the place 2 violinist. The colors during the singing alternate plain continuous illuminating the scene, while in the last minute of the song waves appear on the screen. The dance is in constant motion with 5 members to cover the entire scene by walking like a chorus in ancient tragedy. Zeliko sings perfectly Nije Ljubav Stvar creating the voice, the warm atmosphere of the song requires. A wonderful composition performed by a mature artist, places strong candidate for the TOP 3 finals.

Russia: The grandmothers rock, Russians were very relaxed on stage. 'Party for everybody' would rather sing to the party! Several changes from the first rehearsal, the background is very smart, composed of the image of the planet as seen from space in the course of the song alternates with fireworks and designs and colors that match the traditional costumes.The well-known bakery in the center of the stage this time bake a tray of cookies, swings and smokes during the song and before the end of a bampouska turns ready to serve.
Once again the Russian women are comfortable and very good vocals show ready for the best in this contest.TOP 5!

Cyprus :The central point of the dance is a table made ​​of books on which the Hebe, and 4 dancers move around it without stretching across the scene. The start is very impressive: Throughout the scene there in the blue background moldings accented by small white light from headlights, the Ivy is up to the table and the linear arrangement of dancers initially opened and then the lift up and downs on the scene. The dresses are all the same color, a variant of open-ended with pink mini skirt that allows for comfortable movement that dance requires. A man is on vocals on the back of the stage. All dance is flawlessly executed, while Hebe sings loudly and consistently throughout the duration of 3 minutes show.TOP 5!

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