Eurovision 2012 betting odds

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Eurovision 2012 betting odds

Eurovision 2012 betting odds. Betting information on the outcome of the Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision 2012 betting odds change from day to day, there are many ways to have your bet and win. The price you get based on the day you had your betting. At this time there are some good price to bet.

This is my personal opinion(Mary Lou) on how song performance will rise:

This year many Eurovision fans like the song from Sweden called Euphoria, is the song leading at the monent almost every betting table. We expect this to change as the Eurovision party time comes.

UK comes back to Eurovision with a big name, and a very strong song.This song will remain at the TOP 5 till the end.

The song from Serbia has really good chances to win this year and we expect the bookmakers to reduce there current offer.Bet now for Serbia and get the best rate.

The Italian song will finish among the first five positions as well.

Cyprus will go really good this year and the position of the girl from Cyprus is expected to be on TOP 5 as well. I suggest to bet on the Cypriot song since the rates are very high at the moment and this will change wekk by week.

Watch out the song from Iceland as well.

Written by:Mary Lou

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