Eurovision 2011 the Greek Final

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Eurovision 2011 the Greek Final

Who is the representative of Greece at Eurovision 2011.

The Second Greek Radio 103.7 FM's first broadcast one-minute samples of the six candidates songs of the Greek ESC 2011 final, one will be chosen to represent ERT in this year's Eurovision contest in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The titles of participations are known, while in, you can hear samples of songs and see the lyrics.

After draw presence of representatives of record companies, the order candidates appear in the Greek final is as follows:
"Red Carpets" Valanti Tryphon "Triimitonio" Antigone Psychrami, Lucas Giorkas feat. Stereo Mike, Nikki Ponte.

The songs will be presented at a special show that will televise NET Tuesday, February 15 at 20:00. The presentation will be broadcast by Lena Aroni. The Greek final will be held in early March.

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