EuroVoice 2010

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EuroVoice 2010

The running order for the EuroVoice 2010 participants

EuroVoice is an annual music contest, that proposes transparency of choice for everybody.

EuroVoice 2010 will happen in Athens, Greece on 23-24 of September 2010 with participation of 29 Contestants from all over Europe, Guest Stars - Anastacia, Enrique Iglesias, Sakis Rouvas and Pamela Anderson as a host of the show.

23 September 2010: 1st Day of the Final

George Tentzerakis (Greece) - "Ti Parapano"
The Bambir (Armenia) - "That's Fine With Us"
Boryana Hristova (Bulgaria) - "A Pain"
Teoman Nazif (Turkey) - "Sustum"
Bohemian Skyzoid Orchestrers (Italy) - "Ismaele"
Doro-Doron Eitan (Israel) - "Second Chance"
Loic Walo (Belgium) - "Bh2ezy - Pop Life (Tribute Michael Jackson)"
Elmar Askerov (Azerbaijan) - "How Can I stand Alive"
Ekus (Portugal) - "Procuro Ser Discreto"
Diana Pirags (Latvia) - "Te Quiero"
Catch Up Paradise (Bosnia&Herzegovina) - "Born For Each Other"
Andrijana Janevska (FYR Macedonia) - "Drvo Bez Koren (Rootless Tree)"
Altin Goci (Albania) - "Hey Hey"

24 September 2010: 2nd Day of the Final

Duo Moderato (Serbia) - "Oj Devojko"
Demiserables (Spain) - "Cartas Marcadas"
Berta (Belarus) - "Everything Is In You"
Tafkanik (Austria) - "Time To Believe"
Pil (Denmark) - "Baby Doll"
Alexander Lominskiy (Russia) - "Family Man"
Loraine & The Toy Soldiers (Switzerland) - "Not Strong Enough"
Bjorn Lislegaard (Norway) - "Up The Hill"
Dominanta (Estonia) - "Six Feet Under"
Mark Savin (Ukraine) - "Maria"
Marlain Angelides (United Kingdom) - "Rejection (Set Me Free)"
3nity Brothers (France) - "Every Word You Say"
Jerry & Blueberry (Slovenia) - "In-Ona"
The Secret (Cyprus) - "In The Arms Of My Angel"

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