Emmy will sing for Armenia at Eurovision 2011

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Emmy will sing for Armenia at Eurovision 2011

Emma Bejanyan (Emmy) has participate to many contests and is very experience singer in Armenia.

Emmy the pop princess will represent Armenia at Eurovision 2011.
Emmy is brimming with confidence and enthusiasm. At 25, she is not only a pop idol in her native Armenia, but an internationally acclaimed performer, having garnered dozens of top awards at international competitions.

Emmy grew up in an artistic family. Her mother, Nadezhda Sargsyan, is a singer and music producer; her father, Davit Bejanyan, is a sculptor and jazz pianist. "It seems that since the day I was born, I have been singing and on the stage," Emmy says. As a child, she often secretly "borrowed" her mother's stage costumes, gathered the children of her building around her, and sang for them, mimicking the styles of her mother and her mother's costars in the Konstantin Orbelian Band.

In her teenage years, when Emmy knew she wanted to pursue a career as a singer, she received tremendous encouragement from her parents, though at first her mother was wary of her daughter's aspirations, having had first-hand experience of the pitfalls of the music business.

Today, as Emmy reflects on the decisive factor of having artist parents, she says, "I just know that they would not let me do something if I were to go about it the wrong way." However, she is quick to add, "They are my first critics and demand that I always be in tip-top shape. My parents are the ones who point out my faults and tell me where to improve myself, and I really need them to do that."

Growing up, Emmy also found plenty of inspiration in a household suffused with artistic activity. "I have had a very interesting childhood, because artists and people related to the arts were around me, at our home and in the large circle of our family friends," she recalls. "I have been lucky to be in constant contact with people who perceive the beauty of the world and convey it in a beautiful manner."

Emmy attended the Sayat Nova Music School and subsequently studied at the Komitas State Conservatory, both in Yerevan. In addition, she received advanced vocal training at the Emmy-B Producton Center, a music-production company run by her mother.
Emmy's career took off immediately after she recorded her first song, "Hayastan," and released its video, in 1993.

While she earned reward after reward at song competitions in Armenia, Russia, Europe, and elsewhere, she sang and toured with the all-female folk-pop quartet Hayer (1994-2000 ). Founded by Nadezhda Sargsyan in 1988, the band featured a changing roster of members, many of whom were culled from the pool of "Do-re-mi" competition winners. "Performing in a band is a great pleasure, especially if the band members understand each other well on stage, know the meaning of every single breath of the other members," Emmy says of her experience with Hayer. In addition to her work with the band, the artist hosted the "Do-re-mi" music-competition show on Armenian television (1998-2000), and guest-performed on dozens of television programs in Yerevan and abroad.

After her longtime collaboration with Hayer, Emmy went solo, recording her first album in 2006. A constant flurry of local concerts and overseas tours followed, and the by-now renowned singer went on to record two more CDs.

Currently Emmy is busy recording her fourth and fifth albums simultaneously. The first, to be titled Kamurjner (Bridges), will feature a string of songs written by Arno Babajanian; the second CD will contain new material, composed by Emmy herself. Commenting on Kamurjner, she says, "After recording each of Babajanian's songs, I present it to the judgment of his son, Ara Babajanian, since this is a very responsible task. I want to perform them well and in a way that the young generation and older listeners alike enjoy them."

Even now, after hundreds of concerts and three albums under her belt, Emmy says she still feels a certain "chill" before going on stage, just as she did when she was a child of three, during those performances for the neighborhood kids. "I respect my audience very much and I want to present something new with each concert," she explains. "I don't want to disappoint my audience. That's why I take the stage seriously, as though each performance were my first."

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