Cyprus final Eurovision 2010

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Cyprus final Eurovision 2010

The list of the Cyprus final 10 songs for Eurovision 2010 is ready

Ten songs will compete in the final phase to select the song that will represent Cyprus in the 55th Eurovision Song Contest 2010 to be held in Oslo, Norway 2010, chose Saturday to 7melis Jury appointed by RIK (Cy BC).

The first phase of the selection process of the song that will represent Cyprus at the Eurovision Song Contest 2010, held in RIK area and made up of 75 songs.

The ten songs selected by the jury are:
1. "NOTHING IS REAL", Composer Nasos Labrianidis / Konstantinos Melis, Lyricist Nasos Labrianidis

2. "ISLAND OF LOVE", Constantine Kontozis Composer, Lyricist Constantine Kontozis

3. "PLAY", Composer Miglena Staneva, Lyricist Miglena Staneva

4. "LIKE A WOMAN", composer Mike Connaris, Lyricist Mike Connaris

5. "ANGEL", composer Constantinos Christoforou, Lyrics Zenon Zintilis

6. "I 'M GONNA BE ..." composer Marios Melekkis / Christos Philippou, Lyricist Flowers Pasi,

7. "YOU GOTTA GO", Pasi Flowers Composer, Lyricist Flowers Pasi

8. "GOODBYE", Valeria Partalis Composer, Lyricist Valeria Partalis

9. "RHAPSODY", Liana Varnavidou Composer, Lyricist Liana Varnavidou / Eleni Antoniou

10. "LIFE LOOKS BETTER", Composer Nasos Labrianidis / Konstantinos Melis, Lyricist Nasos Labrianidis.

As mentioned, 7 people jury hear the songs and chose the ten who will compete in the second and final phase will take place Sunday, February 7, 2010, in Studio 3 of RIK and will be broadcast live from RIK1 with simulcast on satellite the RIK program and the third radio program but the website of RIK in live on the net.

At the final stage, the song that will represent Cyprus at 55o Contest Eurovision 2010, selected by televoting, which is 50% and severity score of the Jury, which will also focus 50%.

The 55th Eurovision Song Eurovision, will take place on 25, 27 and May 29, 2010, in Oslo, Norway, organized by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

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