Cyprus Eurovision 2016 First Rehearsal

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Cyprus Eurovision 2016 First Rehearsal

Cyprus Rehearsal looking great

Solid performance for Minus one with Fire, hologram 3d wolf are very promising for Cyprus.
Cyprus Minus One rocked out during their first rehearsal on Tuesday, serving pop-rock realness with an animal edge. Lead singer Francois stands centre stage and shows off his gym-honed arms, giving off just the right amount of anger and edge. Visually this is frenetic, fast-paced and somewhat dizzying.

During the third run of the song, there is a quick black and white shot of the main singer before the wolf clips are inserted. This works well in keeping the whole thing together – the concept is that these are flashes of a werewolf in the process of transition perhaps? True to the concept, the main singer’s prolonged howling is spotless and gets a few chuckles of appreciation in the press centre.

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