Berta Everything Is In You

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Berta Everything Is In You

Berta sings for Belarus the song Everything Is In You.

Berta (Belarus) - "Everything Is In You"

Music has been a part of her life since childhood. Berta finished School of Music and sang in a choir as a child. She has a degree in journalism and work in marketing. She started her professional music career in 2007 when she met Belarusian composer Leonid Shirin. Together they recorded single “Jane” which became popular on some radio stations in Belarus.

With this song she auditioned in a song contest Eurofest 2008 to represent Belarus in Eurovision however I was not successful but it didn’t stop her to try and achieve her dream.
She recorded couple singles in English and one in Russian “Kino” (Movie in English); it became an official song of International Russian Cinema Exhibition.

With this song she participated in Cinema Festival Kinotavr in Sochi, Russia and many more concerts and song contests. She has 9 recorded singles to date which will be included in the solo album she is currently working on.

She participate in a lot of festivals in Belarus and recently had a solo gig in a night club in Minsk which was very successful. Her music mirrors everything that happens in her life and helps her to stay herself in all situations.

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