Belgium at Eurovision Song Contest 2013

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Belgium at Eurovision Song Contest 2013

Belgium at Eurovision Song Contest 2013 will be represented by the song Love Kills

The song 'Love Kills' written by Andreas Anastasiou will represent Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmo, Sweden.
This is an interview with the song composer:
-First of all congratulations on your choice to represent Belgium at Eurovision 2013 ... how do you feel for representing Belgium?

Thank you very much I'm really proud and happy that this year I will have the honor of being part of a highly acclaimed group composites will represent Belgium in the Eurovision.


-Tell us about your first experience in Eurovision in Düsseldorf.

-Mike was the first Cypriot composer who represented another country in the competition and was the lyricist of the song "San Angel loved" with which he participated in 2011. Experience in Düsseldorf was really unique. It was the first time a song was presented to the public and I was just 18 years old. I was also fortunate to represent my country.

- Since when did you start the love with music and especially the composition? Have you attended any courses?

My father is a musician but apart from that at my early age i studied piano, theory and harmony. I dealt with the composition from an early age. At 11 I had won the first prize in an international composition competition in the category of children with the song "Hand in Hand".

-With the institution of the Eurovision Song Contest when did you start watching the show?

The first time I can remember seeing Contest was in 1998 when Dana International won, but then I was only 7 years but from 2003 onwards saw the competition regularly.

-Tell us a little about yourself

I'm 20 years old from Larnaca, Cyprus. This year I started my studies at the Technical University.

How did this collaboration for Belgium? Do you know the singer? Have you talked to the Belgian television presentation, expenses, advertising, etc.?

The cooperation with Belgium was very random. I was just in contact with the Sony Music Belgium and told me if I had some songs to send them because looking pieces for the artist Roberto Bellarosa for Eurovision and sent them 3 pieces. When he had done the procedure and informed that the 2 pieces I was in the process had Sony and after the selection was made the state channel that Love kills was one of the 3 songs that would be presented officially in public jury. We are in constant communication with the state channel with Sony Music for everything related to participation and we are already in a good way because of the song choice was very fast and we have a lot of time to improve.

Intends to deal more professionally with the composition?

The field of composition is very interesting and i have many songs in Cyprus, Greece and abroad that will be released in 2013 after all I have behind me a very good team in Greece who helps me a lot.

How do you see that globalization at Eurovision?

But I'm up for a spot. For example, there are countries that since participating in the competition involved with foreign composers songs without entitle local composers to create and represent their country in the competition is the most important musical event held every year in Europe.
On the other hand in the case of Cyprus, the music industry and the production is at a very early stage because there are no record companies located here are still very good to have collaboration with foreign composers and producers that give a more modern and professional form their creations because as Eurovision contest proved that wants new things.

It's something you'd like to change the regulations Contest?

Something felt wrong is something that changes this year and when I saw the announcement of the EBU is satisfied that the first rehearsals of all countries are closed to reporters and fans. This option in the countries and artists to become familiar with the scene and the cameras.

5 What are your favorite songs in the history of Eurovision?

1. Waterloo
2. Hold me now
3. Nocturne
4. Rock and roll kids
5. Euphoria

Tell us about the Belgium singer Roberto Bellarosa

The song is called Love kills and interpreted by the winner of 'The voice Belgium' Roberto Bellarosa. Written together with Jukka Immonen and Iain James. The song will change form from what was presented in the competition in Belgium and will be released early February.

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