Aurela Gace will represent Albania at Eurovision 2011

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Aurela Gace will represent Albania at Eurovision 2011

Aurela Gace: I do not scare the competition, this is my Eurovision dream

The melody created by composer Rescue Saraci has convinced to be part of the Festival in RTSh. But however well-known singer Aurela Gace not deny that apart from the song, the desire to represent Albania in Eurovision is a great emotion, that made the return to the scene after nine years of absence. While next week, Gace will see on stage, now let's discover some curiosities about her participation and competitive song "My Song"

QUESTION: It Eurovision scares you?

Scares me! And maybe sometimes it excessive emotion creates a kink that is not the best of the psychological.

QUESTION - What is the motive that made you take part?

Is certainly a long time, 9 years there are a few. Always say to myself, no not going to participate. Perhaps this fear that I said above, then wins does not win, to break something inside myself and I had a fear to take part. But Rescue Sara├ži approached me with a persistence, in words at the beginning and I put to the test early. OK, I said, is insisting so much as tell me something, than just words on the table is not resolved anything. Spent a week of conversation and told me that the real motive is more grave than the eye immediately, as I heard excelled on something within yourself. And I did not want to tell him to read this emotion that I had within myself, and continues to say no. The next day, should have been given names in television, there was no time, was the last day of making the list, until the last moment I said no, but the motive was standing on his head. I woke up from sleep with a motif. I got friends on the phone and sing them. And I said that this is a sign. And I believe intuition, my instinct more than anything. I told him to let me shove Salvation song on my album, but he said no, or singing at the festival or the album did not give. Then I said, well, then even if it did not turn out so great, I said, what will happen, wonder largest lasts 3 days. So I decided. I left 2 weeks to the USA, for the next concert that I had there and when I turned, the song had finished! How surprising and I liked the text. Sokol Mars had made a specific finding. I'm hard on texts, not convince me, but he had been shot with text and song I like. Now why I entered I? Because I did not want to leave such a beautiful song fled from his hands. Then my duty as a singer in the first place is to sing, sing beautifully, to give the public what emotion I feel when I hear a song! While forgive me lord this deep feeling that I have for music, have a duty to forgive the public. Then what happens, do not know.

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