Aram Mp3 will sing for Armenia at Eurovision stage 2014

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Aram Mp3 will sing for Armenia at Eurovision stage 2014

This year Armenia has a very strong performance a high quality singer that will take Armenia very high

This year Armenia makes the big difference and sents Aram Mp3 who has the ability to sing songs of a wide vocal diapason.
Aram Mp3, had himself written the music of the romantic ballad called Not Alone.

Aram Mp3 (real name Aram Sargsyan) was born in Yerevan, on April 5, 1984. Aram Mp3 is one of the most beloved personalities of the Armenian show business. He is not only well-known as the singer but also as the comedian and showman in his country. The singer is mostly famous for his live performances. He has a very unique style of covering the international hits and comedies.

At school age Aram had breathing difficulties and was coughing a lot. Following doctors' advice to try singing, Aram's parents took him to the choir classes. It has worked. The treatment also helped him to discover a further path in his life. Since that age music became Aram’s passion and soon he got actively involved in school humorous and musical performances.

Though always dreaming about big stage, Aram following footsteps of his father chose a profession of pharmacist, graduating the State Medical University Of Armenia. Active student life in different comedy contests brought him to "32 atam" (32 teeth) TV Show , where he did stand ups and parodies of famous singers. During one of the shows his colleague Vahag did a joke calling him Mp3, after that he got nickname later turned into stage name "Aram Mp3". The same year on 2007 he became the winner of the most popular TV Show of The First Channel of Armenia "2 stars".

On February 21, Public TV of Armenia has announced that Eurovision entry has been selected from more than 75 proposals, by both local and foreign composers. The song was chosen in several rounds of hearings, works with focus groups, taking in consideration modern musical trends as well as vocal range and other preferences of the performer. Presentation of the entry took place on March 14, 40-minute long special on 1st channel of ArmPTV at 19.00 CET.

"The song was presented along the video to completely convey the audience, as it is important to visualy feelings and then it will seem to be deeper and more complete. We've got a pretty interesting song, in recording process were involved symphonic orchestra and string quartet. It is such a song that listening to it is recommended with closed eyes: not prepared for dancing, but to unlock the soul, because it penetrates into the very depths of the human soul"

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