Amandine Bourgeois will sing for France at ESC 2013

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Amandine Bourgeois will sing for France at ESC 2013

France hopes to win Eurovision 2013 comes from the new singer Amandine Bourgeois

Amandine Bourgeois is a French pop singer songwriter who rose to fame in 2008
on the television talent show Nouvelle Star. Born on June 12, 1979.

The singer Amandine Bourgeois represent France at Eurovision 2013 on May 18. It also has to confide in -Tele 7 Jours- and is convinced that this can only be beneficial for the rest of his career.

Since the announcement of its participation in the Eurovision singer Amandine Bourgeois is a victim of many jokes on the internet where the languages ​​are unleashed against the winner of -New Star-. It is true that his solo career never really took off despite his victory in the sixth season of the show, and the artist quickly faced the difficulty of surviving without artistic media exposure and too skinny public. To the surprise, France 3 has decided to select bridesmaid to represent the colors of France on 18 May in Malmö, Sweden.

Despite the remarks murderous web of skepticism and his former sworn André Manoukian, who felt that Eurovision was "not a gift to Amandine Bourgeois singer believes hard as iron and will do its utmost to ensure that the public be proud of his performance. Asked by Télé 7 Jours, the rocker hopes to "give a breath of fresh air" to the program often described as too cheesy and kitsch by French viewers. "Whatever happens, Eurovision will open doors for me. It could 'boost' my career, "hope the lady who had to cancel, with difficulty, his previous tour. Today, she prefers perspective. "It's nice to pick up a little in life! I realized that I had to follow my instincts and stop making compromises. "

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