Alter Ego

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Alter Ego

Cyprus Rocks Europe

Minus One singing Alter Ego at Eurovision Cyprus 2016.“Alter Ego” avoids the pitfalls of so many rock songs at Eurovision. Rather than sounding derivative and familiar, it’s fresh and original. The video is like a three-minute art piece, replete with edgy clothes, gorgeous cinematography and a wolf.
Cyprus has never before won Eurovision song contest.

The song was a collaboration between us and Thomas G:son. He visited Cyprus back in November, we met, talked about what and how we think the song should be and immediately we realised we were on the exact same page with everything about it. We exchanged our views and then we started rehearsing, coming up with ideas. Thankfully, the internet makes this kind of working from a distance easier.

The ideas were sent back and forth up to the point that a base and structure was decided, along with all the little ideas, melodies and lines that make up the song. After that we travelled to Sweden and in the studio we recorded everything, adding and removing, as a lot of work is done there into finalizing a song. We were amazed from the quality of the studio, sound and of course the work of sound engineer Thomas Plec Johansson and are really happy and excited with the result.

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