3nity Brothers Every Word You Say

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3nity Brothers Every Word You Say

3nity Brothers represent France the song title is:Every Word You Say

Triplet brothers Vincent, Romain, Sylvain, are half French from their father and half Balinese (Indonesia) from their mother; together they form the band "3nity Brothers" (pronounce "trinity brothers").The boys were born in Paris, grew up there and are currently based there. Being introduced in the artistic world in their early childhood (3 years old) through kids modelling and a little of acting, it's only in their teen years (16) that the band was formed. Sharing a passion for music and drawing their main influences from the American black music (Soul, R&B, Gospel) to Pop music in general, they started all by themselves as autodidacts. The three brothers made their first composition in “a capella” singing and it soon turned out to be one of their main assets. Today they are not only talented singers but also songwriters & producers. Up to now, 3nity Brothers have performed in many countries around the globe (France, Indonesia, USA, Switzerland, Romania, Latvia...) and are still looking to spread their music in other territories. Eurovoice is a new opportunity for them to share their love for music! The song “Every Word You Say” (written, composed & arranged by 3nity Brothers) is a message of Love and Hope. May this reach people’s hearts!

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