The twins Massa and Nastia at Eurovision-2014

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The twins Massa and Nastia at Eurovision-2014

The twin who had won in the Junior contest of Eurovision-2006 will represent Russia, this time in the real contest of Eurovision, which will be held in Copenhagen in May this year

The channel "Russia 1" which this year will broadcast the Eurovision-2014 in Russian territory, announced the names of Russian participation, leaving for the first time the system of national competition. Surprisingly to most experts and fans, Russia will be represented by the duo of brothers Tolmatsiova. The twins Masha and Nastia have an advantage over all the others, that have already won a Eurovision. For now, however, only child who had conducted in 2006.

The victory of Tolmatsiova childhood Eurovision was the first Russian singers in this competition . Since 2006 , the girls had expressed in a press conference their dream to participate in the Contest once the 'big' . Despite their young age ( 17 years) , the sisters Tolmatsiova already have a music bakgkraount impresses . They began their musical involvement in childhood in a studio of Kursk and then in musical theater . First success was their victories in contests "Golden Boat ", "stars of the Neva ", " new Constellation ." The next year after winning the children's Eurovision with the song " Spring jazz " they had written themselves , the Tolmatsiova recorded their first album ' Other Half ' , debuted as television producers in some popular programs , starred in a New Year's television musicals .

One of the key strengths of the sisters can be termed their charm , their ability on stage to liven up the atmosphere , to be authentic and good artistes and the wonderful ability to sing in two voices . In childhood Eurovision defeated largely because it failed to appeal to the viewers and the judges , to be original with the size and cute " twin " musicality . In 2007 Tolmatsiova released the successful album ' other half '.
The sisters have already Tolmatsiova go to Moscow and have spoken to the Russian organizing committee of Eurovision - 2014 for what they did last year . Namely that sang while going to school , as it is still in the penultimate class . In Moscow Masha and Nastia will begin rehearsals in view of the competition . Time is not so much. Must be devised that the number will show on stage , and to refresh their English . On April 27, they should go to Denmark , where the next day will hold its first rehearsal on the stage of the competition .

This time I will sing a song of their own composition , it will be a professional composer and song the girls hope to choose from what is proposed within this week .
In January, the European Broadcasting Union ( EBU ) , which organizes the Eurovision , already divided the participating countries in two semifinals . Under programming Tolmatsiova took a position in the first part of the first semifinal to be held on May 6 . Overall this year 37 countries will participate . In the first semifinal will appear 16 countries and the second on May 8, 15 countries . The five countries with the best delivery and the host will go directly to the final .
Eurovision - 2014 will be held in Copenhagen from 6-10 May. In last year's contest his Russian pal , Dina Gkaripova , captured the composition What if the fifth position .

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